Skype-Lync integration

Skype-Lync integration

Why enterprises are interested for Lync-Skype integration?

Benefits of Lync-Skype integration:

Adding Skype contacts to Lync and vice-versa: This will enable customers to always know whether their colleagues, friends and family members’ are available to communicate through their online presence information. This will certainly help them to save a lot as they will experience an integrated experience between Lync and Skype with such an ease of use.
Audio calling and instant messaging between Lync and Skype users: This will certainly help the customers save a lot of time to communicate with the corporate as well as their personal clients. A single interface definitely increases their productivity for universal communication.
Management settings for Lync administrators: This is a great benefit for customers so as to manage the Skype policy from the Lync interface, which will certainly give a peace of mind to administrators managing the corporate policy with ease.

Enterprise power of Lync with global base of Skype:

More than 300 million users use Skype and more than 90 of the fortune global 100 organisations have already deployed Lync. Because of the synergy between Lync and Skype, customers are benefited so much that they get the flexibility of working from home or from boardrooms, it does not make any difference. The familiarity of the tool is so helpful that customers have very little learning curve to use the enterprise features from what they have been using from the consumer standpoint. This definitely enhances the productivity for the customers where IT consumerisation has become the trend in the industry. From B2B to B2C, the possibilities of Skype-Lync integration is endless


With Lync-Skype integration, customers will be able to use interoperable IM, audio communications, video conferencing, online meetings and IP telephony tools for their personal and work lives.
Microsoft acquired Skype in the year 2011, the company delivered first phase of integration in the year 2013 and today Microsoft has almost integrated the video feature for Lync-Skype users, the technical specification for which can be found here:

Lync-Skype integration system requirement:

Excerpts: Lync users can connect to Skype from Lync Online, Lync Server 2010 or Lync Server 2013 using the Lync 2010 or Lync 2013, desktop clients and any of the Lync 2013 mobile clients.

Provisioning Guide for Lync-Skype Connectivity: