Ethical Wall & Content Filter for Microsoft Lync – DC Stockade

Ethical Wall & Content Filter for Microsoft Lync – DC Stockade

Power of Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync Server is unified communications (UC) platform which provides an infrastructure to integrate communication modalities like instant messaging (IM), Presence, VoIP (voice over IP), file transfer, Web conferencing, voice mail and email etc. Microsoft Lync enables seamless communication within a single organization, between multiple organizations, and with external individuals.

Why Information Barrier?

While seamless communication helps companies to increase their ability to reach internal/external workforces brilliantly, it throws compliance challenges to some of the industries. With so much information created, saved and accessible via collaboration tools, it becomes equally important to ensure internal and government compliance are met during this seamless form of communication between the agents.

DC Stockade

DC Stockade

For example, there could be an investment banking firm with requirement to isolate persons who make investment decisions from persons who are privy to undisclosed material information which may influence those decisions. These firms are generally required by law to safeguard insider information and to ensure that no improper trading occurs.

Journalism industry also needs ethical wall to meet internal compliance/regulatory. Ethical wall is used in journalism to create separation between the editorial and advertising arms of a media firm.

Similarly there are various industries like pharma, law etc. where ethical wall is required to create information barrier between two set of workforce.

Solution for Microsoft Lync

Recognizing the importance of compliance & regulatory laws, DevCentrics has released a product DC Stockade for Lync customers. DC Stockade is an information barrier or ethical wall or Chinese wall, which takes strong measures to protect information flow using Lync modality between two set of users or networks.

Noticeable Features of DC Stockade
  1. Information barrier: Lync customers can chose to control access per modality (IM, presence, voice, video, etc).
  2. Target Definition: You can implement china wall based on users group or VLAN.
  3. Federated Domain: You can either block or allow communication with federated partners.
  4. Content Filter: It enables content filter in the Lync environment. You can create different levels of profanity words to apply policies and alerts accordingly. DC Stockade allows you to configure alerts based on violations.
  5. IM Bot: To pop the regulatory statement to users when violation occurs.
  6. Archival of violations: DC Stockade records the archival of violations for future references.
  7. Hardware requirement: No additional hardware requirement as it runs on the front end server.
  8. Environment support: DC Stockade supports multiple active directory domain and Lync pools. It supports standard and enterprise edition both type of deployments.
  9. Advanced reporting: DC Stockade has rich reporting options on violations.
  10. RBAC: Access of UI based on Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
Adoption of Lync

Adherence of compliance and regulatory takes precedence over implementation & adoption of seamless communication for most of the organizations. Hence, many organizations end up not enabling Microsoft Lync for various users to maintain information barrier compliance requirement. This practice leads to less adoption of Microsoft Lync, which in turn decreases ROI. DC Stockade helps such organizations to implement Microsoft Lync for all, yet follow the compliance and regulatory requirements. This helps those organizations immensely in order to increase adoption of MS Lync and increased ROI.

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